Using power pitching mechanics, Giants’ Tim Lincecum at 5’10” 170 lbs. throws 95-100 mph. In this article, I’ll present some of my observations on what Tim Lincecum does that make his pitching mechanics able to generate power.

First of all, one thing Tim Lincecum does very well is not drop and drive he drifts and keeps his lift leg up from the ground so he can stride longer. The longer he keeps the leg up high off the ground while striding the longer the stride will be and the more powerful you will come down and land. The more power you can get into landing the faster you will rotate.

Leg Lift

  • Hands should stay at the belt when lifting the leg
  • Leg should reverse rotate
  • Head should tilt to pick up target
  • Straight and tall back while lifting leg

When lifting the leg by reverse rotating you want to tilt back towards (1st base side for right handed pitcher, 3rd base side for left handed pitcher). The tilting will help create leverage of the core that you can use into landing and put into the throw.

Start of Falling Action

  • Body stays upright with straight back through motion.
  • The hand with the ball should drop into the back pocket and dangle down till the last second before landing.

Hand in Pocket (Dangling Arm)

He keeps a straight back without rounding the back and shoulders.

Arm Extended – Equal And Opposite

  • Straight back and arm dangling
  • Hip/Shoulder separation, where energy is stored and released up the kinetic chain.


Shoulder Tilt

tilt to get higher arm action

There is also tilt that continues through the motion and also when falling towards home and tilting to create more leverage you want to also try to put the glove side arm equal to the throwing arm and acting like you are doing a cart wheel with both arm extended.

Examples of tilt after leg lift and equal and opposite, doing a cart wheel type move.

When the pitcher Tilts and uses leverage with equal and opposite he then needs to create an “Arch” like a bow and arrow with his body at landing. If you tilt back all the way into landing and think about throwing over hand you will create the “Arch”

Overhand Arm Slot

After the pitcher lands he needs to transfer that leverage and one of the best way’s is to throw from a high arm slot and pull through the ball hard. With the cart wheel move and then the rapid tilting to the side at landing of the shoulders to get the high arm angle you create more leverage. Also while you are tilting to the side you are bracing and extending the plant leg so it extends and your arm can extend and get the needed extension of the body.

Front Leg Extension

The leg should extend and not bend after plant

Finishing position

The finish is a cause and effect; if you do everything right you should be in this finishing position or something close to it.