5 Pro Baseball Tips to Make You a Better Hitter

When it comes to getting better in the batter’s box, a solid fundamental core of correct hitting mechanics is the key to success.

Here are 5 pro baseball hitting tips that will give you a solid foundation for being a great hitter.

  1. Make a hitting plan:  Plan out a routine when you are training!  Routines create confidence and muscle memory.
  2. Execute and Repeat:  Work on one specific skill each time you get into the cage.
  3. Be a baseball “zen master”:  Sharpen your focus.  Don’t go into the cage with multiple thoughts.
  4. Less is more: Simplify your swing for easier correction.  Quality swings are over quantity!
  5. ABC – Always Be Coach-able!

Becoming an great hitter requires an understanding of good habits.  Do your homework so you know what works and how to avoid bad habits at the plate.

Joe Inglett

Joe Inglett

Joe Inglett is a partner and senior instructor at IVL Baseball Academy in Wadsworth, Ohio.  He attended the University of Nevada- Reno where he set seven university records in baseball. After a successful career, Inglett was a six year MLB player for the Cleveland Indians, Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers, and Houston Astros.  During his career, he played every position except catcher and first base, and his career batting average was a .283.  In 2011, he was inducted into the University of Nevada-Reno Hall of Fame.  He has been awarded the 2000 Big West Conference Player of the Year, the 2000 3rd Team All-American, and 1st Team All Big West at the University of Nevada-Reno.  He resides in the Akron area with his wife, Kelly, and children, Ava, Austin & Hudson.