IVL Baseball: Indoor Multi-use facility

Our 18,000 square foot facility easily converts to train in many sports


Located in Wadsworth, Ohio… Our facility has over 18,000 square feet featuring “turfed” work-out areas, batting cages, and pitching tunnels.  We offer two separate areas for training.

The Front Room… Our new 12,000 square foot area has allowed IVL Baseball to take training to a whole new level.  The newly padded turf provides comfort for athletes while training.   Within the 12,000 square feet, we offer three total 54-foot cages along with a pitching tunnel and an easy to move mound.  Each cage has an L-screen which allows for coaches to pitch to their hitters. One of the most exciting features of this new area is that all cages are retractable which allows for the area to be wide open for multiple different training options.

The Back Room… Our back room offers 5,200 square feet of brand new padded turf.   Also, there is a brand new seventy foot cage for hitting and there is an open area with two baseball pitching mounds. L-screens, tee’s and softball pitching machines are also available for use in the back room. Parent and Families Need Not Worry… There is also a large sitting area for parents so they can see their athletes train.   Included in this area is a flat screen television, Free Wi-Fi, and padded chairs for comfort.


Partner with one of our coaches for the ultimate baseball instruction.

With over 30 years of combined, professional experience, our instructors will design a custom plan with you to fine tune your skills.

We offer expertise in:
Endurance and Agility

Pricing for these services are done individually. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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